Saturday, November 9, 2013

Welcome Home Gnome

Our dear Loni and Evan are having a house warming and engagement party on the weekend  so as a fun gift I made them a Home Sweet Gnome.....

                                                      He looks cute like this doesn't he?

                     So he was sprayed with two light coats of Rust Oleum in the colour Seaside....

                                 Now he looks perfect and ready for his two home....

I have to say I am becoming quite fond of these coloured gnomes now.I don't like them brightly coloured but this way is really nice.I have a couple living in pots in my garden and whenever I pass by them I just have to smile...


  1. The blue looks better than the original.

  2. Girl you have some paint magic going on!!! :)

  3. I am quite fond of Gnomes. My father in law used to live on a caravan and he had a Gnome that was sitting and reading. My father in law has passed away , but everytime any of the family goes down to the caravan out comes the Gnome. I also have acquired a couple that were my Mum's that I have in the garden. I guess Gnomes are sentimental to me. Thanks also for leaving me some lovely blog comments, I appreciate it PS I did a page on the Garden Gnome in my 365 project a few years ago, I might find it and post it on me blog so you can see the cute little fellow

    1. oh by the way he lived in a caravan not on :)

    2. Hi Dolly sorry it has taken me so long to reply I guess I am just slack.I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading about your Father in law and his gnomes brought a smile to my face-take care dee xx


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