Friday, August 7, 2015

Bits and Bobs

My cheeky boy at our local park having fun....

Term 3 starts -wow where is the time going.....

Mel and Ash asked me if I could make these invites up for their wedding dinner .I think they have turned out great.

Aidan took this photo of mum I think she looks beautiful here...

 Aidan bought me this at the mothers day stall at school he was very proud of himself ....

Miss Lilly in her new coat well she also deserved a bow ha ha ...

On Mothers day we caught up with Kerry for the day at Foragers Markets Buli....Great day but why cant you get a photo with every one looking at the same time.....

Not happy with this reno.Our water filter leaked so we have to replace the floor boards but as its all one room all of it has to be replaced...Thank goodness for insurance...

Loving my new bedspread.....

 Kerry is looking lovely at 14 weeks.......This time it is going so fast..

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