Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tyler and Makayla

Just catching up about some family members who's pictures you have seen heaps but know little of them....

This is Tyler my nephew and omg he is growing up so fast like a little weed.

He is now almost finished year two so after Christmas he will be in Primary school whoo hoo !!

Kevin and I were the first people to see him after he was born as we were waiting in the waiting room..He was /is such a beautiful little man who loves his football...

He is 8 months older than the LM and they love being cousins which you can tell in the way they fight and wrestle with each other ha ha

Now this little cutie is Tyler's sister Makayla. She is almost four and goes to pre school.

She is also a chatterbox a real chatterbox. She loves Frozen but then again is there a little girl under the age of 6 who doesn't.

I wish we saw more of these kids but time and distance stops that but until we can catch up with their progress via the good old social media.

Do you feel like this? have family members that you just see via social media....

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  1. Social media is sometimes the only way some people communicate. Very sad I think.


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