Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guess who played hairdressers....AGAIN

Yes the LM decided to play hairdressers again.

He asked me if he could cut my hair ....

I said no....

What about my toys...


I thought nothing more about it till the next day when I went to gel his hair.

I told you NO....

Then the LM said but you didn't say NO to me cutting my hair.....URGHHHH

So I went wild with the gel ...Kerry said he looked like a rock star.When I told him that he was very happy.....

Mum 0  LM 1  and so the game continues


  1. Oh Dee now be honest ... more like mum 0 LM 1928736.
    He cracks me up !!!

  2. Little bugger, not my sunshine!


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