Monday, September 7, 2015

Bathroom bits and bobs......

I have put together here the bits and pieces that have gone into Aidan's bathroom renovation  I've had a couple of emails asking about it so here it is .....

It was hard as I have changed my mind so many times ha ha .........

 One of the bathrooms that inspired me was Kerry's.

As we have a small bathroom I couldn't have a free standing bath I was really upset by this.

Also  to keep cost to our budget we decided to keep the same foot print so no major plumbing was needed.

Because I couldn't have a free standing bath we got a oval bath from Reece similar to Kerry's for $440 pretty good price its a beautiful bath and really deep for a good soak.....

I love the vanity set we got.

It is from Early Settlers and we got a package 18 months ago where we got the vanity matching mirror ,taps and waste..

I wanted a nice plain but country looking vanity .I really don't like the modern look but hey its OK for others just not us. We got this for $1200 which was extremely good and remember the taps and mirror came as well ....

These are the tiles we used.We bought the plank floor tiles from Burnings they have a wood grain look about them.

The beautiful marble look tiles are from Beaumont tiles.These are going on the wall behind and in front of bath.

So that's the bathroom essentials we did our bathroom for a good price and I think the wisest thing I could say is shop around .

The prices really vary from shop to shop so keep a note book and write down prices and also the salesman's names.

have fun with your next reno

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