Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Leg update

Want to know where I was last night at 9.30pm freezing and crying?

Not really you say...

Too bad ha ha I am going to tell you all anyway...and it is a long boring post ha ha ha (you have to keep your humour or else you would crack)

I was at my hospital having an MRI.

The above picture is just a picture I got from Google to show the LM because they wouldn't (yes I asked) let us  take of photo of the machine I just wanted LM to know what is happening and keep him kind of informed.Well as informed as much as you need to tell a 5year old..

All he said to me was "did you cry Dee?"
"No I didn't because DA was there"
"ok Dee you are a big girl then"

He was quite happy with that when in truth I was a blubbering idiot. They had to tie my feet together then tie my legs together and put some thing heavy on them to keep them still now remember I have wounds on both legs so this was extremely painful then I had to lie like this for almost 40mins while they did the MRI.

Before we went in they put a needle thingy in my arm so they could put some contrast (a kind of dye) in it in case they needed to see further.Well guess what I hit the jackpot again and got the contrast treatment ERKK....

Finally we left the hospital at 11.00pm only to be back seeing my surgeon at 8.30 am.Gee it is so fun being sick.

My Doctor is great he rang us a few times on the weekend to discuss what is happening which helped quite a lot especially with me as I am a freaking mess.

So today he saw the wound....and confirmed it-I have Osteomyelitis which is an infection in the bone .We don't have the MRI results yet but he said by looking at the films and my xrays it has only just started and is still in the bone lining.

Good news for me is...

 no debriding of the wound as he said he would just be cutting deeper and deeper till he came through the other side...YET...

No biopsy needed  YET....

No going into hospital YET for intravenous antibiotics.

The bad news is ...

I have to see the infectious disease team on the 1st of August where the will work out what they are going to do regarding treatment after  confirming it with my doctors.....

In the meanwhile I have a change in dressing where they have added an antibiotic that I soak gauze in and apply to the wound for 15 Min's then discard and dress the leg the way we have been doing for the last 3 -to 4 years...

2 more antibiotic tablets have also been given to me to help fight the infection just add it to the other 18 or so pills I take each day.....I have been on antibiotics for 6 years now.I am sick of them but if it helps I will just shut up and swallow...

So now I wait till the 1st of August...unless they see something else in the MRI results and my Doctor said he will call seems it is all I can do is wait and wait and maybe a bit more waiting. My Doctor is pleased with how everything looks and said we are lucky to have caught it early Thanks God for that....

How is it effecting me and my loved ones....I am contastly nit picking I don't know wether it is the pain or the pain killers I am very moody and cry at the drop of a hat.

Poor Kevin is hit harder he has to work then help me with chores I cant do and he does 95% of everything for the LM,.... occasionally he cracks but then he settles back down.

The LM hates ambulances sirens and freaks out when he knows I have to go to doctors or hospital..."are you coming back Dee ?"It breaks my heart but what can I do...He has gone back to wetting the bed at night so we put him in night nappies which he hates.

Poor mum and Kerry have to sit back and listen to what is going on knowing there is nothing they can do for now...I know it must be hard for them to hear me sob so I try not to tell them everything....

Also it has effected my wonderful sister-in-law who takes the LM to school each day as I cant drive anymore,it kills me to see him go with her as I want to take him to school but I can rest easy knowing LM loves her and it is a great relief to have her....

And then there is the other family members my in laws and our son Ashley who look after LM while we go to appointments or pick him up from school and other things for us.I am so grateful to them...

I want to thank every one who has contacted me and sent their best wishes for me it has meant so much to know there is people who care sometimes I feel it is just me against the world...

If you know someone who is sick or battling an illness all it takes is a phone call or message or maybe a little note just to say you care and are thinking of them I tell you it really does make a difference .

I feel weird writing this post as if it is an eulogy or something like I am thanking everyone before I die .crap I know that's not what is happening but it just feels weird thanking everyone.......I just wanted to let those who are interested what is happening....

Take care and hug the people closet to you extra hard next time you see them  because you never know what is around the corner.I never thought I would get sick I had a good job which I loved and Kev and I were enjoying a new marriage.If I knew I would get sick I would have thought a lot harder about taking in a 6 month old baby (LM) into our lives till he turns 18...How dumb is that Docs say he is ours till he is 18 well I am telling you lady he is ours till the day I die.... he is now our boy and is my family...

Tonight poor Kev I am going to hug you all night and don't get any ideas in that direction (sorry mum and Kerry ha ha ) it is just a HUG ha ha

Thanks friends


  1. What the hell are you talking about - a Eulogy - are you nuts????
    Thank God you are surrounded by love Dee -
    Hate to read all of this - it breaks my heart........
    On a good note did you know you were featured on Savvy Southern Style - YAY for you!!!
    Prayers being airmailed from Montreal - you should receive them any minute now.
    Much love,

    1. Suzan you are my funny funny dear friend thanks for everything-love dee x

  2. At least all reports are good so far, fingers crossed that everything keeps that way. Kerry @ I are use to you waffling on, but on that note we do love

  3. Isn't Suzan up there great?? Dee, I'm glad that they caught the infection before it worsened. I'll continue to pray for you. Hang in there, and keep your head up, girl.


  4. I am just going to say it, "it isn't fair, why is this happening to you, what have you done to deserve this" and the answer is nothing. Nothing but brought up a beautiful daughter on your own in Kerry's teenage years, nothing but loved and cared for LM and nothing but give family and friends pleasure with your craft that you make so personal. Please know that you are always in our thoughts and in our prayers, and loved very much.

    Debra xxxx

  5. It has been a while since I popped in to your blog to see how you are doing. Dee, you are so brave! You will be fine! Hang in there. x

  6. Some people are like sugarcane. You can chop them up, grind them down, run them through the mill and pulverise them; and all they yield is sweetness.

    You my dear, are sugarcane.

    No matter what awful stuff life throws at you, here you are shining bright, even on your terrible days you make me smile. You think of everyone else, you are always creating something to make someone smile. You are my biggest inspiration.

    I love coming on here to see what you're up to, and reading the comments because I can see how you touch other peoples lives as well.

    I love that we have kids growing up together, we would never have gotten to know each other the way we do otherwise. LM also touches many lives and he constantly makes me laugh with his antics.

  7. I hope you feel better soon xxx <3 :) i Love you


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