Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Felt Ball Garland.

Recently I bought my beautiful deer head and although I love him  he looked all sad hanging on my wall....

I wanted to dress him up some way but was unsure of what to do...

Then I saw it.... a  Hand Felted Ball Garland and it made my heart sing with happiness.(well it didn't really sing a bit of exaggeration there Dee but I was happy when I saw it)

So I went onto Etsy and bought my balls (don't go there keep it all above the belt) I also bought some extra ones to make a garland to go into Jaxons room.

Talk about easy to make I am almost embarrassed to write and tell you how I made it but here goes...

Get a  sharp needle and thread it with strong cotton or string then push the needle into the balls and pull through to the other side to stop the ball moving I then go backwards into the ball with the needle so I end up where I started from and then thread it back through the ball .The ball is now secure and I just use my fingers to guide me to how much between each ball and I keep repeating this until garland is the length I want it to be.I think I used 27 balls for mine...

It took me all of 15 mins to make and yes I am very happy with it....

Looks good doesn't it he isn't sad looking anymore.I am going to get some more balls to make another garland up for Christmas just can't decide what colours to use...

LM took this picture and insisted I use it on Fat Hen that's how he says my blog ..."is this for Fat hen Dee ?" it sounds so  funny coming out of his mouth...

This is the one for Jaxon these colours match his prints in his room....Hope Kerry will use it...

Ha ha ha this is me trying to be "arty".......

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  1. That is so cute that he just calls your blog "Fat Hen." LMBO! This is such a charming little project. And I hadn't thought about going "below the belt" until YOU did! LOL. I adore your deer head.


    1. Thanks Meredith I am getting mixed comments regarding my head but I love it-love dee x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Deanne by the way I adore your blog you are so clever-love dee x

  3. I won't say anything as I it will be below the belt. He looks cute though.
    A deer with coloured balls, different.

  4. oooo I do love a good stag. It looks brilliant hun and the felt balls got me all giddy with love :) Well done you clever chick xx


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