Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday cuties

                  I have /had/having a really bad week at the moment.
You know just  the normal constant pain and sleep deprived nights which make me  a very emotional wreck...Yep poor Kev
I am so lucky to be surrounded by love that  I thought I would show you a couple of pictures that make me smile and also make me happy.Even though I feel like crap....

There is nothing special about the photos -one is even too bright with the sun streaming in our lounge
even though I feel like crap.... .what are these ?Dee what are they?Da what are they?


You have to be joking 
 These are "tomatoes" how come they are so small?Why they so small Dee? Can you eat them Da?

How could I not be in love with this man.

Not only does he love and protect me, and look after me even though most days now I am a screaming
banshee woman ..........

He loves the LM as well  and this picture makes my heart swell with love.

OMG  I am so mushie tonight it must be the drugs....ha ha




  1. how lucky is your LM to be living in such a loving family, he is so hansome xxxx

  2. hey there, you havent had a post for a couple of days, i hope you are ok. Thinking of you lv B xxx

  3. You are very lucky to have people around you that do love you, even when you are not feeling the best.


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