Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 in a week

Hey 2 posts in one week can you believe it.

Today I want to introduce you to a new member of our family  -his name is well I haven't decided on that yet.ha ha

He is so ugly he is cute...

My nieces recently went to Norway.And while they were there I asked them to get me a Troll doll so I can give to  the LM when he is older.My grandparents sent me a troll doll from Norway when I was younger so I thought LM would love him...WRONG....

Why does he have a big nose Dee?
Why is he ugly Dee?
Doesn't he use mousse in his hair Dee it is messy?
I don't like him Dee....

Oh well maybe he will grow on the LM-yeah like a wart ha ha

Lastly on the subject of the little man I want to share some thing he said to me.
We were sitting on my bed watching TV when he "popped off".Well he looked at me and said "my bum is talking to me"then he started giggled at himself.Strange boy huh............


  1. Being that ugly, you couldn't help but call him cute. The girls hope you like him. They ended up getting one each for themselves as well.

  2. He is so ugly that he's cute. I wonder what ever became of yours??


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