Monday, January 10, 2011

January first week

Yeah January 2011 yeah ....why am I so happy ? Because Kev is still on holidays and sun us shinning and I can smell a bargain...........

Look at these beauties .I decided to change from red to silver for next year display so went to check out Myers sale.These were $20 before marked to $5..

See Kev saved you more money..

I just had to get these,

Mine mine mine

And I could get these because like the stockings they were marked down by 75%

More savings Kev  what a good wife hey,

Another Mitchell visit.

the LM loves it as Mitchell lives away so we don't see him much

dee x


  1. Love the silver trees. Didn't you get enough shopping before Christman?

  2. Love those bargain stockings and trees. Very nice!


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