Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well after being slack and down for the last week I think I am getting back to normal if there is such a thing,

Firstly this is my favorite photo of Kerry (that's a lie it is one of many of the 1000's that I have and love he he he )
   and I have finally got around to scrapping it,

Shhh ...........Isn't she beautiful -(she will kill me if she hears me talking like that about her...who cares -it's true).
This photo was taken when she was in year 10 which was 1988.In Tamworth where we lived it was the "excursion"all kids looked forward to.The Ayers Rock trip.I think it was for 10 days and this was the first time Kerry had been away from me.Very weird for both of us.When I picked her up I had balloons in the car for her I was so excited to have her home.I remember she had on a  silver jacket she had bought on the trip and I thought my baby has grown up.(still hate that thought)
I just can't belive it was that long ago ,it feels like yesterday.

New Baby coming to our family

Now I have a little niece who is due to be born this week.
Shut up Kev they have had 4 ultrasounds and they say GIRL-Kev keeps saying wouldn't it be funny if it was a boy.
Well NO it wouldn't ............I have prepared for a girl...

Anyway I made a stork .
A What?
A stork is a crotchet sack that you put a newborn baby in to take cute baby photo's..

I got the pattern off esty  and it took me  less than 2 hours to crotchet, I would have done it faster but Kev was home and kept talking to me while all the time I just wanted to be alone to  make sure I did it correctly.If you have ever used an American pattern you will understand -they are quite different to ours.I chose to make it in brown tonings because I am going to do black & white photos and this will blend in great.
I am very happy with how it turned out and can't wait for her to be born to take the photo's with this and some other props I have..
Now please excuse the photos of the stork but as the baby isn't here yet I had to use Geoffery -Aidans show you what I am going on about,   But at least you will get the idea.


I will show the photos of the baby girl (see I am sticking my tongue out at you Kev) when she arrives...

dee x


  1. All I can say is poor Geoffrey. After the baby photos he can use it for his bed, as he is now grown up he doesn't need to sleep with Aidan. It is a terrific idea.
    Love Mum xxx

  2. Love the scrapbook page of Kerry. Just beautiful.

  3. No Nana Geoffrey needs Aidan. He will be with him for a little while yet. :-)


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