Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yum stones...

Today I was feeling a bit better no fevers yeah just very sore legs... Anyway I thought I would make something yummy for Kev and the boy for when they got home this afternoon..

Couldn't decide what to cook  until I remembered STONES.

Stones are you crazy .Well maybe a little but when Kerry was a little girl for some reason she couldn't say ROCK  CAKES and so she called them stones .

Well the name stuck .

So today Aidan had his first then second then third stone so at least I know he likes them.


Isn't it funny how names stick. Another food Kerry had a funny nickname for was roast pork,
It was her favorite food and ever since she could talk it was called "CRACK A LA" ..sounds posh hey .
Even now if I ask her what she wants me to cook her for a special meal  like birthdays etc.it's crack a la.

dee x


  1. Hi Dee, I'm glad you came to visit my blog and that you liked the favor boxes, did you see my last post about the Turquoise & Brown Party? The "Stones" looks delicious...yummy!!!! I'm your new follower!

  2. Well hello i did go back into your blog and saw the set up for the party Oh my god it was beautiful -I really loved what you did,Very clever,So what other crafts etc do you do? ,and thanks for dropping in,


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