Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monster Spray

Lately we have been having trouble with the LM when it comes time to put him to bed at night.

He has monsters in his wardrobes and under his bed.
These monsters are scaring him quite regularly at the moment.Now I know this is a phase but I don't like seeing him upset so I decicded to fix the problem.


I made some Monster Spray.

Sorry about the photos but it was really hard to get it right and these are the best I could get.
I had a spray bottle of carpet and fabric freshener so I used that.I then used mod  podge to
attach a piece of paper to the bottle.Then I wrote

Monster Spray
Get rid of monsters in a single spray
No more monsters

You have to remember the LM is only 4ys old so I didnt want to use big words or rave on.Just wanted it short and sweet.

Then another coat of Mod podge over the writing then when this was dry I used a texta to "dot"
my writing.Now I added the monster stickers and


When I showed the LM he wanted to spray it straight away.
So for something that didn't cost much  or take too long to do I now have a monster free bedroom and one very VERY happy little boy....

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  1. It looks fantastic, I hope it works well for him.


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