Friday, May 11, 2012

My Best friend

Today is the  anniversary of a  incredibly sad event in mine and Kerry's lives and I am not sure if I will be able to complete this post without breaking down,I already have tears streaming down my face just thinking about it,

Today is the 6th anniversary of my best friend Jan's taking of her own life.
Jan left behind 5 beautiful daughters and now there is a little Granddaughter who is 5years old and some times when I look at her I am reminded of Jan.Luckily the girls all seem to be coping on the outside.The eldest daughter has been Kerry's best friend since they were 4 years old and she has had to grow up fast raising her sisters and OMG she is amazing.Every time I see her I am reminded of Jan's face ,smile,and laugh so although Jan is not here with me now she is here in her daughters and granddaughter and for that I am thankful that we are still part of their lives.

I miss her so much and think and talk to her all the time.I hope she can hear me as I tell her how the girls are going and how proud Kev and I are of them all.

I hope you have found happiness you were looking for Jan.
Love you and miss you heaps

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  1. I'm sure that Jan treasured your friendship, thru all things thick & thin you both stuck together. She'd also be very proud of her girls & that you still hold then dear to you. I'm sure she is watching down on them & wishing she were here to share their lives. I know the feeling of loosing a best mate, but you have good memories forever with you.


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