Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Best friends Birthday

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kevin
Happy Birthday to you....

Well today is my Best friend Kevin"s birthday.
Yes he is my husband -but Kev is more than that,

He is my everything....( I hope no one is gagging yet ha ha )

Sounds corny but who cares but I couldn't exist without  him.

Even though he makes me sooooo angry sometimes and the snoring and other body  noises drives me insane -He only has to smile at me or start laughing at his own jokes ( although I would rather call it a giggle that he does as it is so cute and warms my heart )
He also has a cute dance that is just for me and it is precious to me.

He has taken on a big task with me -The Little Man and for that alone he is one in a million.He always sees the bright side of life which I hate  when he does that or he sees good in every one. Another of his traits is singing to everything and anything and I love it.

I thank God although maybe not enough for giving me Kevin.He is my everything and more.xx

Didn't he make a beautiful baby...xxxx

The LM and Kev  with the birthday cake.
The LM shouted FIRE when Kerry brought out the cakes.

So Happy Birthday Kevin Love you heaps xxx

LM and Kerry blowing out candles..xxxxx

Now my beautiful girl also had her birthday on Thursday and I couldnt resist
posting these pictures.
She will kill me .I know but I couldn't help it I love her heaps and the LM was really excited about her Birthday, so if I go missing you will know what happened.ha ha


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  1. Happy Birthday to both Kevin & Kerry, and yes Kevin was a cute baby.


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