Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our birthday gift

Kev and my birthday's  are pretty much close together in this  horrible month of May so we tend to do joint presents.

I am sure every one has a month like this -we have 13 birthdays and this year one is a 21st .Mothers Day,car rego, just to name a few of our expenses for the month.

So I have been wanting a new camera for awhile now especially since the LM broke mine .It still works but it needs a complete new battery compartment which will cost around $100 plus.So this has made me want a new one more.I wanted a Cannon EOS  but we have decided (Kev did) that it is not practical for me because I am so lazy.I just want to point and shoot but want  the SLR quality.

We received an email from Sony about their new camera and after talking to the salesman we have bought it.

It is a joint birthday present for me and Kev and I love it......Already I love what it can do and can't wait to play with it.

So Happy birthday to us.Yeah I got a new camera.

Love it love it love it.    


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  2. It looks very classy. Happy birthday to you both


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