Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last night

Whoa guess what !

I went out with Kevin last night -ALL BYE OURSELVES NO LM.
Although  I had a really good night with Kevin I did miss the LM and I melted when Kerry said he was crying for me but we both survived.

We went and saw Heath Franklin's "CHOPPER"

We have seen him before with friends and his was very good and we had a laugh and a good time.So this time he was playing  near us so we thought we would go ..

So off we went and yes I did try to get out of going I had excuses made up but no Kevin and Kerry said "just go and enjoy " so I did and yes I did enjoy it very much.
I must have taken too many pain killers though cause I found myself nodding off abit during the show and when Kevin saw this he gently squeezed me (what a baby I am ).
Regardless of this it was a good show.
Except for the heckler...OMG he was a fool.I don't know if he thought this was the real Chopper or not but on and on he went yelling out stupid things and just being a d@%
.But Heath put him in his place and everyone loved it.
So if you ever get a chance to see him try to go.I know he swears alot but it is just part of the character and after awhile you dont even notice it.

So who knows I might just get used to going out again and being the Dee I used to be...


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  1. So glad that you & Kevin had a night out. It's certainly been awhile coming. Nice to have family or friends that could baby sit occasionally for you.


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