Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Craft 15 Tea light Snowmen

Arnt you lucky two posts in one day..

Since the headbands are so fast and easy I have put another fast one in as well..

Snowman Tealights..

This is another one from Pinterest that I can now cross off I have made it yeah.....

All you need is

A tea light with a "flame"...
some ribbon and a piece of cord....
A sharpie
some pink paint

A top hat ...I bought this from Etsy but you can get them from cake decoration suppliers.

Just glue a piece of ribbon around the tea light. And glue some cord on to hang the tea light up with...

Draw a couple of circles for the eyes and mouth using your sharpie....

Glue a bow on the bottom and glue on your hat..

For his cheeks I just dabbed some pink paint onto them with a small brush or you could use a cotton bud.

And here he is ....

Its just a fun little craft for the kids to do and the LM loved his...

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  1. I have no patience for all the bits that you can do.


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