Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Hat Parade

The Easter hat parade must be my favourite fun thing to happen at school.All those happy faces the colourful hats the music yes I love the Easter Hat Parade.

This year I made Aidan a top hat in green cardboard.

We cut out two large ears which he coloured in.

I stapled on a bow and that was it for me.

I sat back and watched as Aidan using the hot glue gun proceeded to glue bunnies eggs little chickens and pom poms don't forget the pom poms...

He had fun making it but he goes all shy at school when we watch him.

Every now and then he looks over and I give him our  special signal and he smiles.

Look at that cute face...

We took these photos outside the school and I think he was the cutest kid ever....

Saddest part is next year he doesn't have to do this as he will be in 3rd class and its only if you want to participate you do.Come on school 3rd class are still little kids....

If I have anything to do with it he will be there with pom poms on ha ha ha


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