Friday, April 17, 2015

Washi to the rescue...

I had a big meltdown the other day .....

In our house we have five apple devices.

3 phones and 2 mini ipads which means 10 leads and 10 chargers.

Now a certain little boy keeps taking leads and chargers and losing them oh he doesn't take them he "borrows" them .

Well on this day he "borrowed" Kevin's phone leads and then Kev was mad cause his leads were gone Aidan was mad cause he said they were his leads and me well I was just mad...

So I got all the leads and chargers and some washi tape and matched them all up to the correct piece.
Then I washi taped each pair.

SO now everyone has a lead and charger with matching washi tape so there cant be any mix ups when "borrowing"someones charger or leads.

Well that's the idea lets hope it works ha ha ha

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