Thursday, April 23, 2015

Flashback 2

Hello I had a couple of emails last flashback saying they loved the  picture of Easter Aidan that I thought I would give it another go....

Today's picture is of Kerry and her best friend Brianna when they were in kindy.

Oh My Goodness this was 1988 I remember it because it was Australia's Bi centennial .

In this photo the girls are dressed up as old Sydney siders at Old Sydney Town that used to be at Somserby near Gosford..

You thought we dressed the girls like that everyday didn't you ha ha ha .

I remember Jan and I sitting at my dinning table both sewing machines purring along as we made little skirts and mop hats for them to wear.

These girls were that tight they even had to have the same shoes or else there was trouble...\

Both girls have grown into beautiful young ladies with kids and they still remain friends even after we dressed them like this ha ha ha

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