Monday, May 16, 2011

Dog Bite.

Poor Little Man is a bit sore at the moment and it is my fault.

On Saturday evening the LM was whingeing a bit so I told him to go outside and play (hence my fault) LM loves it outside and went running off about 10mins later he was crying -now I didn't rush outside as most mother know kids have different cry for different things so I just waited a couple more mins and as I was getting up in came the LM  crying (feel like crap here ) and he shows me his arm......

Then he tells me 'Bonnie bite me " and yes this is the photo of his injury .Thing is Bonnie is a 2 and a bit pure breed Pug.So yes it's not just big dogs who can do damage.

I had to show this photo.Now after lots of cuddles and kisses LM was fine,
He was happy that DA took
the naughty puppies and put her down the side of our house.
He was happy because he got chocolates.

We asked him if he touched Bonnie's food to which he replied
"I am a big doy now I don't eat dog food I eat big bog food"
ok big boy I believe you

So that's the end  except for the above photo  LM looks so upset but it is all an
act, When I was taking them I told him to not to smile he said ok I do sad face.
And yes hes did

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  1. Such a sad little face. I didn't think that Bonnie could open her mouth so far. Little kids with dogs are always a worry unfortunately.


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