Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin

Thank God I am up today 2 days in bed yuck..I was going to doctors today to get results from last week but I couldn't because it's Kevin's birthday and I wanted to spend it with him and not sitting in a doctor surgery.

So we will go tomorrow also my mum has convinced me to get some multi vitamins and I am thinking about this fish oil thing.
But on to better things.

                  Happy Birthday Kevin.  xx

 For the next couple of weeks this wonderful man will be the same age as me....then when I have my birthday he goes back to being my toy boy x

I am so lucky to have Kev not only has he accepted myself and Kerry into his heart he has now taken on the Little Man (all which is made harder on him with me being sick).He doesn't complain he just does it another reason why I love him).

Kev is the kind of man you dream of -good kind honest loving and a few x rated ones that I am not talking about.
Don't get me wrong though there are times when I want to throw something at him or just kill him but I do appreciate him and consider myself very lucky that someone like Kev could want me.

And he does and for that my heart belongs to him.....

Hello Birthday boy xx

So handsome xxx

For Kev's birthday I bought him some sort of Nintendo DS1 .Don't know what it does or how it works but Kev and the LM seem to like it.

So Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest husband.
I love you so much and LM does as well.



  1. Happy Birthday Kevin,
    It's lovely to read how Deidre loves you
    (you'll really have a swollen head now won't you?)
    Anyhow, you make Deidre happy & that is all that matters.
    Enjoy your Nintendo, if Aidan will share it & we hope that you've had a great birthday.

  2. Hey Kev, have a good day! Awww, to the love story, it is special!


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