Monday, May 2, 2011

Where have I been


I am back----Not been  around here because guess what ?

  3 days in bed sick-'Not Happy Jan'

So back to my doctor again  (I was good mum)

we made him do blood tests so he has done heaps so now we wait for these results  and then go the next step whatever that may be.

                Plus the only good thing about  my being sick is my weight loss.
Currently I have lost 18.6 kilos (yes you heard right ) since we went to QLD which is almost 5 weeks ago.I am trying to eat but have no appetite so some days don't even worry about it or just have half a orange.
I know this isn't good but I am trying to eat something.

So what else  have we been doing-

 Well our Darling Mel came down on Thursday night with little Charli.

OMG she is the most beautiful baby ever even Kerry got a little clucky....... (yes Kerry -Kev heard you say "you can't wait to have a baby "so then he came and told me Yes YES YES !!!!

Can you tell that made me happy)

Kerry and the beautiful Charli....

The LM loved her and Mel and was full of questions-
"Mel why your  baby eyes open?"
"Mel why your baby crying " We have milk in fridge for her.   I get some food from cupboard for her.... MEL...........on and on he went ......Yet he wouldn't sit next to her for a photo. Strange LM but I love him.

We still have a stash of Easter eggs which I am slowly giving away to Ashley when he comes over.But the LM -Oh my God the first thing he says when he wakes up is "can I have a egg" before I can answer Kev has already bellowed NO and the LM is sulking.
Oh the joy of chocolate.


 My handsome little man has had 2 accidents  and the rest has been dry beds at night  YEAH.........
I am so proud of him   and this is the smile I get.Sorry I should say 'WE' are so proud because Kev thinks it is good as well.

Just us..x

.May is our horrible month .10 birthdays-2 Anniversary's car rego and Mother's day.

So instead of going out for each birthday and Mother's day we decided to have just one dinner celebration ,All done on one night.

   These photos were taken last night at our celebration dinner.Quick Da don't lose the Subrau cause we lose Kerry and Emmanuel as well ....Come on Da quick....

Kerry and her "friend"Emmanuel.?????


Yeah friends?

Our Ashley (he had been working all day and was tired)

But you have to have a birthday cake of your own so here is Kerry's.
 Early as her birthday is the 3rd-But who cares ....
Happy Birthday Kerry -Love you heaps xxx
Although it's a pity the LM didn't like the candles on fire  poor little thing was crying as we sung happy birthday....



  1. Dee I hope you are feeling better. I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful comment you left on my Blog, it meant a lot. Thanks again

  2. I'm glad that you are back, missed your little comments. Sounds like you had a good birthday dinner with everyone. Loved the phots of Kerry & Emanuel.
    Charli looks so tiny. We forget how tiny babies are, it's a shame they grow up too quick.
    Take care & love always Mum xxx


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