Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Yeah it's Mother's Day....See I told you May is full on and to think we are only up to Day 8 ha ha.

But on the subject of mother's day  Kevin and I are are both blessed that both our mothers are still alive and still a big part of our lives.

Kev's mum doesn't she  look very quiet and shy-NOT ha ha ha

I am very glad that although I am not what they would have wanted in a daughter in law they have stood by
me and accepted both Kerry and the Little Man and for that I am very grateful  for and humbled by.

Now this little pouty baby with attitude hasn't changed at all.

In fact I see a lot of  the Little Man in her for she is my Mother and an
Amazing Mother is what she is.

She has always been there  for me always helped when asked,Puts her 2 bits in whether you want them or not...Like I said the perfect mother.

Love you always mum xxxxx



  1. Love you very much & Happy Mothers Day to you also we think that you are a wonderful mother to Kerry & Aidan & we are very proud of you & love you

  2. Hi Dee,

    I received my cards on Friday and I had to come and say THANKYOU!!! They are soooo gorgeous...I have been studying them lol!! I've already given away two, one for Mothers Day and the other yesterday for my SIL birthday.
    I love them and thankyou so much for thinking of me xx


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