Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mothers day

Just wanted to talk about my Mother's day for this year.

I had it all and more than I could want for,If that makes sense ?

Firstly Kev brought me in my large ice water and a small glass of ice and with this came a mini can of coke.I use this to take my pills with.
Actually I am being naughty here Kev does this every morning (spoilt) yep and lovin it.

Little man gave me this beautiful card after he spoilt water on it.
It is a picture of me and LM in the Honda......Must not forget the stupid Honda ha ha ,
The browish gold stuff is glitter.

SQUEAL.....This is the quilt set that I have been drooling over that I really really REALLY  need and want .It is from Freedom Furniture and is call Lucy. Well my beautiful daughter and wonderful stepson Ashley  gave this to me...

The 3 of us.Ashley havn't arrived at this stage and Kerry couldn't wait no longer.
 Forget the old bag down the end in photo but the poor old chook was sick and was trying to hide it from the kids,

I am very blessed by God to have these 3 children  in my life....
Thanks for everything


  1. Glad you had a fab Mothers Day, that quilt is lovely! All Mum's deserve to be spoilt on their special day. Hope you are feeling better now! x

  2. The quilt is beautiful & I love the photos of the 3 of you. Glad that you had a nice day xxx


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