Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Kerry

I can't believe it 28 years ago today at 4.35pm (and it was a Tuesday then as well) I gave birth to my wonderful beautiful daughter Kerry

                                              Happy Birthday Kerry.

Time just flies by so fast -from her being dependent on me to the reverse.
She has always been there for me.
I know she will be angry now but heck I can go on about her for 1 day can't I.

I am so proud to how she has matured into a beautiful young women with poise and manners and a gentle soul.She is smart (don't know where she got that one) loves shoes and bags( got that from Nana)
and cats she loves Cats.

And is beautiful(don't know where that came from either )

I can't express my self properly as to how I feel about her but I thank God daily for giving me Kerry I know everything is for a reason but I am just so lucky to have been blessed in having her for my daughter.I will cherish and love her forever.

Anyway here are a couple of my favorite  photos in no particular order.

Kerry and Bear.

Isn't she beautiful.

God we both look like cabbage patch dolls.

Check out the shirt "Go Bunnies"

Too cute.

Love this one -

So once again thanks for looking with me at these photos and for the lovely comments
you send-I don't know how to respond but I will find out just so I can say thanks.

Happy Birthday Kerry

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  1. Happy Birthday Kerry, you are a beautiful grandaughter & we are all so very proud of you. We loved looking at all your photos as it brings back so many memories.
    Your mother has done a wonderful job of raising you.
    Love you heaps Nan & Pop xxx


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