Monday, September 26, 2011

What have we been doing....

What have we been up to lately.

Not much....I didn't realise it's been  awhile since I last posted.

So aren't you lucky you get to look at some photos.Whoop Whoop!
They aren't that bad so grab a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy......... 

Using Grahame's lap top or should i say LM"s computer.

Sharon took these of the LM and Grahame  while they were down looking after her mum.
Apparently she did have cancer in her kidney  but luckily they got it all out.So thanks to those
who stood by Kev at this time.
So now she just needs to see them (doctors) again for a check up but at the moment the docs are happy with how it is looking.

On last Sunday we headed off to the park so LM could show mw how he rides his bike.

Holy Moly  he dosn't ride he flies.

I was that worried.

Just like a duck he likes puddles....Quack
See you later little biker man.

I found this cushion at Go Lo and just had to have it
.Big sale it was $8.00  HA HA HA

LM wanted me to take this photo of his painting he made at school.
It is a painting of Kerry and her car,Now can you see Kerry?

And lastly Gail came over for a visit and helped me out ,..
.Plus LM thought it was great having his mumma Gail around to play with him.

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