Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas lights


I have been so slack putting  posts on but  I am back ready to go .(who am I kidding I will still be slack but hopefully  not as bad )

So to my friends who ask me (yes Lisa I mean you..) 

 when I am going to put some thing on my blog

Well watch out.

Hang on to your chair cause here they come...

Christmas Lights...

Well we didn't put up our  Christmas lights last year last year  because we went to mum's.

So as the LM is so excited about Christmas this year .....

Out comes the ladder and my little elf Kevin is off and away..(I must say he makes a cute little elf  -nice legs ha ha ha)

Well   while the photos aren't the best  it gives  you an idea of what it looks like. .
The LM loves it. He goes to the window and peaks out to check out the lights.

He told me last night  "Dee we have the most beautiful house I have ever
 seen can we keep it please....'"  What do you say like how cute is he...

Well that is the end  of my first blog as such but watch out  more to come ...


  1. About time you updated your blog! I look forward to reading about what you guys have been up to, but now that I have seen you all, I feel content for a while!

  2. The lights look great. Well done Kevin


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