Monday, December 12, 2011

More Christmas'

Christmas Cave

Last weekend we had to go to the Christmas Cave Twice yes TWICE .
The first time was just to pick up some lights and some other bits and pieces.Well the LM was totally
mesmerized by the whole thing. One thing he said to me was "Dee I have never seen so many beautiful ornaments in my life". How sweet is he.

This is taken  on our second  trip to the cave.I just had to get some photos of him
enjoying the lights and Santa's.
He loved this Santa and wanted to take it home.

LM asked me to take his photo here so I did,

Dee I am a little bit tired .....I think I will sit next to my new friend...

I like this one...Ho Ho Ho

More Santa's....Can we come back here again?
Also LM said to me was"this is the most beautiful shop I have ever seen"



  1. Aidan looks so small amongst all the Santas. Very cute though, and a real poser. When do I get to go to the Santa shop???

  2. Great photos! LM looks so cute.
    Wishing you all a wonderful 2012....hope all your worries fade away and that good health will be yours. x


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