Friday, June 22, 2012

Racing Kevin

For Kevin's birthday I bought him a voucher for a Formula Ford Racing car experience..
Kev keeps saying I am trying to kill him as I keep getting him these sorts of presents but I know he loves them so I will keep doing it.
Maybe next time he can do "swimming with sharks"

I did make a BIG mistake when I booked this.I thought it was for Eastern Creek which is about 30mins from home but NO -on this day they were at Goulburn which is around 2 hours away
and we only realised this mistake at 9.00pm the night before racing.
So poor Kev had to leave at 5.30am to be there at 8.00am on a very freezing cold morning.
Don't worry  though me and the LM were snug at home in bed together.....

Yes that is my cute racing car driver .

Inside the car...Kev couldn't reach the pedals properly so they had to give him a booster seat.

                                                                    One of the cars they use.

     So for 10 laps Kev had a great time and was a pretend racing car driver.
     And  I bet he gave our car a workout on the way home.Ha ha

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  1. I'm sure that Kevin was still in racing mode on the way home. Lucky no police were around and that he arrived safley home. He suits the car.


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