Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend shopping

I must be getting better because I ventured out yesterday and I really enjoyed it apart from it killing me later on .

I  had a really rough night last with my legs because I did too much although at the time it doesn't feel bad but later YUCK...,I have to learn to take it slower.

Go slow Dee...... Slow down Dee ......yeah yeah I hear you......

Well the day started fine.I went and watched the LM play (ha ha if you can call it that ) soccer.
Then we ventured into Target for the toy sale.Now I was going to do this online but sometimes you just need to pick up and look at the item before you buy it,

So while we were there Kev and I managed to fill 2 yes that's what I said 2 trolleys full of toys.We have now bought all the presents for the kids for Christmas including the LM's stash and we also got the rest of the kids (LM's as well) birthday pressies  to take us to February 2013.

I can't believe it.It feels so good to have it all done.I am going to stick a label on the bottom of each item with the kids name and whether it is a Birthday or Christmas gift just in case I am not well at Christmas time....(last year I was really sick and I am still finding bits and pieces that were for Christmas that Kevin just couldn't find.)

So now its done  yeah Santa has nothing on me....

Then while Kev took the LM to swimming lessons I went and did some grocery shopping OMG I haven't been shopping like this for so long.I couldn't remember where things were and kinda got lost in it all.By the time Kev and LM came I was practically hanging on the trolley exhausted.

So it was time to go home.Thank God,
 I rested at home.Called my mum to tell her of my adventures (I also went to my favorite shop 1825 but more on that later ) and then dressed my legs.Kev cooked home made hamburgers for dinner ( so yummy) and by the time 9.00pm came I was in bed sound asleep.

Thank you Mr Target for a great sale....

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  1. You are certainly ahead, but then you won't have to put up with the crazy Xmas shoppers. Good on you, I bet that you still buy more things.


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