Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red Nose Day

The Little Man celebrated Red Nose Day at day care by bringing in a gold coin donation and dressing in red.Could you imagine having 40 kids all in red running around yelling screaming and just being kids.....mmmm let me think about it - no way.....

For something fun I thought I would make Red Nose Cupcakes.

They turned out DIVINE...... all 40 of them ha ha

I just piped white icing onto the cupcakes then a sprinkle of coconut (this was just to look fancy ha ha )

And for the Nose- A Jaffa of course.

That was the LM's job putting the jaffas onto the cakes.-Yeah one for the cake one for him......

I've told you before that he is crazy....

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  1. I love the red nose cakes. I wouldn't have liked to be a teacher at the day care that day.


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