Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Week

Today I am going to show you all heaps of pictures to show what is happening in this mad house.

With me I am coping with good days and then a couple of bad ones thrown in which I am dealing with and I  still feel it will get better soon then life can resume back to normal.

Normal -I don't think it ever was that but at least it wont consit of nurses and wound dressings  and the rest of the crap things in my day to day life,

But getting back to the photos I hope you enjoy them.

Mothers day gift from Kerry...Yeah beautiful new big dressmaker scissors.I am going to hide these they are mine....mine you hear..

The Little Man gave me a beautiful canvas .I had the frame so now it is hanging in my office
looks great.

My mum came down for my birthday.What a hectic week that ended up being.
This is the week I went into hospital.

Yes I am asleep and I should be eating my porridge.Kev took this just before
my hospital stint.
Thanks Kev I will get you back.

Yes I know I am so glamorous .Picture taken in emergency.

Me and my wonderful mum.

Me and Kerry in hospital.I look like a garden gnome.

LM and me on my birthday in hospital

My beautiful girl

Yuck-I am looking sick,

On a happier note
Ashley had his 21st birthday dinner.

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  1. Not a very nice way to spend your birthday stuck in hospital. Kerry always looks stuning as usual. Better days ahead Deidre, they can't get any worse can they!


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