Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday Cake

OMG two posts in a week what is happening to me..ha ha

Ashley had his 21st dinner recently

 .And while it happened before I went to hospital I was showing signs of being sick   so I had to make a cake that didn't take much thought but it had to look good..

So here is what I did...

Excuse the mess.

We bought a mud cake from Woolworth's and proceeded to cover the sides in chocolate frosting..

The LM and I  placed chocolate stick biscuits all around the cake.

This is a hard thing to do because the LM kept eating them as I put them on.

Somehow I did manage to get them all on.

My ingredients.

I topped the cake off with a couple of bags of Malteasers which are Ashley's favorite.
added a ribbon and a 21st sign and YEAH one birthday cake

Now what is this you ask ?
I told you that Malteasers are Ashley's favorite so I made Malteaser ice cream.
Sort of melt 4 litres of vanilla ice cream you know just till it's soft.
Add crushed Malteasers (I think I went overboard here I used 6 bags of Malteasers)
Then put in a container and re freeze.

Now enjoy...

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  1. Ashley's cake looks amazing. You are a very talented lady


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