Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calendar

 YIPPEE  25 days to go or would you count today and say Yippee 24 days to go.....either way there is
no turning back now and I have heaps of crafts to do a hospital stint yeah yeah yeah the same as everyone else "welcome to December Madness"

I have never done Advent Calenders before no sorry I think we were given a Chocolate Mickey Mouse one last year for the LM he loved it because it had chocolate in it of course....

But I was seeing them every where handmade ones, chocolate ones,but nothing took my fancy till I saw this  Advent Calendar at  Desire Empire .Carolyn has made a beautiful Calendar and made it look soooo easy that I just had to do it.

I bought this mirror at Sam's warehouse at a 50% off sale so it was a bargain for $12.50.
I didn't check it when I bought it as the box was marked "white" which is what I want but when I got home it was white OK but brushed gold paint all over it.....
So off it went into the garage to be sprayed "white"

Yes much better now......

Kev put the wire onto the frame with little screws so then she was ready to decorate....

 These are the stickers with the numbers and little pictures on them.Carolyn @ Desire Empire got hers from Spotlight but I couldn't get them there and was stressing as I wanted it to look like hers.

I happened by chance to go into my local Scrapbook shop and here it was....

It is a Kaiser craft sticker sheet product called "Mint Twist".
The little envelopes  are from Office works and the pegs are from Bed n Bath....
I had the ribbon so it was just a matter of sticking the stickers on and filling up each envelope with a little treat.
Now if you are counting you will see that there isn't 24 envolopes.No there isn't.
We are going to the Gold Coast for Christmas so I have those envolopes here and will hang them up at mum's so they can be opened.

Here she is in her new home....I am really happy with how it looks .
Thanks so much Carolyn   Desire Empire   for giving me this idea.
I Love it.....

But more importanly the LM loves it as well.....


  1. Ah she's lovely. Thanks for liking my blog. I shall share this to facebook. Nice to know that some people actually carry out my tutorials.
    PS have a wonderful Christmas on the Gold Coast.

  2. Such a wonderful idea, and much better than the bought ones.


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