Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My little hospital trip

Well here it is 4.30am on this drizzly with rain Tuesday morning...

Why am I awake so early  you ask????

I haven't been to sleep yet....I am so worried about my little trip to hospital today I just can't relax.

I have packed my bag with a baby jacket I want to knit for Peanut and also throw in mum's antique (she bought it when I was a baby so almost 50 years old yikes ) daisy wheel and some wool to start a little baby blanket for Peanut.

A magazine and a note pad and pen and I am ready for sitting in bed for 6 -7 hours straight.

I know it will be OK ....I know I need it but I don't want to go.

Kev and I are having harsh words because he promised me NO More Hospital.... and so what doesn't this count?????

So here I sit till we leave at 9.00am that's if I haven't done a runner .........

So here is all my goodies all packed ready to go...

My baby jacket to knit- XXX couldn't do broke the needle.
Daisy wheel XXXX couldn't do I brought the wrong size needle to sew it up.....
Milky Way chocolate yum I ate those but under stress....ha ha ha
My phone XXXX Kev said there for the whole time   playing games so while I didn't get to use the phone I had Kev there so good trade...
So what did I do all day while it was happening and the items I brought didnt work.Well I slept and read and slept and read some more and maybe a bit more sleep.

I had some Elf magic though to make it better....

So yeah I ended up going and although I was there for 7 1/2 hours the nurses were wonderful and really made the procedure pleasant if you can call it that....I don't want to do this again for awhile so fingers crossed that it all goes well...


  1. You cant get upset with kevin for 'no more hopspital'. He cant promise you that. But he did promise to love you through sickness and health. And by the sound of things, he's sticking to those vows (lucky you, to have someone who loves you as much as he does). He's just tryin to keep you healthy and i'm glad you are doing your bit as well by attending all those horrible annoying dr's appointments and hospital visits. My thoughts are with you both during these times. xxx

  2. The benefits of your visit will outway everything within a couple of days.
    Hang in there Kevin.


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