Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa photo 2012

I love looking at Santa photos watching how the kids change from year to year.
This was our 2nd attempt to get our Santa photo.The first time we went the LM got a bleeding nose just before we got to the shop.I didn't know whether to go in still and just remember that his nose bleed is just part of the Santa photo story..
But looking at his white shirt with all that blood I couldn't do it.Story or not it would look like a horror story.So back home we went.
The following Saturday off we go but this time I am clever.This time the LM is sitting in the car in just his undies and singlet.
Don't move LM.......
Don't eat anything LM.......
LM please don't touch your nose.......
it is not icthy just sit still......
We pull up at the shop for the photos and I tell you this years Santa story is a big nagging one...ha ha ha
We dress LM and go inside and everything is fine.Beautiful photo he tells Santa he wants a Buzz light year doll.Santa knows exactly what he is talking about.He also tells him he wants a dvd player for the car.
And for the first time there was no crying no Kev sitting next to Santa or the last 2 photos have seen the LM have my mobile in his hand to make him not notice Santa.
This time it was just LM and the big guy Santa.A new start to the LM's Santa story.......

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  1. It's a happy photo & no phone is a bonus, a sign that Aidan is growing up very fast.


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