Sunday, January 23, 2011

365 book and Followers.

I have had a couple of emails about my wonderful 365 book....I love it and yes you know that ....sorry.

Anyway  my friends were just having trouble getting one ,So here is where I got mine from -Kevin picked it up from their Castle Hill store they have stores all over Sydney but they also do mail order.

Shop is called  Kikki.K Stationary, they are $29.95 and available in red and black.

 Here is the website lots of  nice stuff is available (I think the prices are a bit to much but it's up to you wether you would pay it or not.)

                     Now just a little note of thanks to my followers and for all my comments that you have left YEAH.....LOVE THEM....

.I really want to say a big thanks to everyone and to let you know it does put a smile on my face at  the comments that get left.I tell Kev about them so he enjoys them as well.

I don't reply as often as I should  because I am so slack but I do remember  your comments  throughout the day or when I am feeling Yuk...At night when I can't sleep with pain etc- I love to browse through them and please believe me it does settle me down when I am reading them,

Also some people have mentioned that they have been having trouble to become a follower.

You need to go to follow-then make a google account.

it's free you never have to do anything to  it and it only takes minutes to do.this is also helpful when you want to leave comments on other peoples blog.

So try that because I would love to see your name or picture on my screen .

So lastly here is a big hug to not my followers but my friends.....(omg I am sounding like some sort of mushy thing -bring on the music and flowers and don't forget the violins.....ha ha ha )



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  1. Hi Dee,

    Thanks so much for the stationery love on your gorgeous blog!

    The 365 book is currently available on our online boutique here:

    We love hearing from people who are as passionate about our products as we are. We hope your 365 days are filled with creativity, inspiration and cherished memories.

    Cheers to an organised and stylish 2011.

    kikki.K xx

    ps. can you please email your postal address to digital(at)kikki-k(dot)com xx


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