Friday, December 14, 2012

New house new beginings

Today our youngest son Ashley  and his partner Mel settled on their house and are moving in today/tonight.

Kevin and I are so proud of them.I mean how many 21year olds have a house and an investment house at his age.

They both look so young but they also look very happy .Starting a new chapter in their relationship.

I remember when Kev and I got together then moved in together then got married (hey I know it was in the wrong order but after both of us having 18yr marriage failures we both wanted to be sure ) it was fun learning new things about each other ,renovating our house (and its been 10 plus and we are still renovating ha ha )

Anyway we are both so proud of them and wish them both all the best and NO babies for awhile....(well maybe not that long  I would love to have heaps and heaps of grand kids)

Good luck and best wishes

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  1. Congratulations to Ashley & Mel, and yes it's a great achievement for them.


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