Saturday, December 22, 2012

It was the week before Christmas....

It's the week before Christmas and I have things pretty much under control...I have just finished off some last minute crafts and although I still have a couple to finish  I cant show them till after Christmas as they are gifts for some special people.....

But here are some photos to show what I have  been up to....
 I made these for neighbour gifts and some for Kerry to take to her in-laws and to work.
This is the best Rocky road of all time- all you need is

Best Rocky Road Ever....
raspberry lollies or you can use turkish delight.
mini marshmallows.
chopped nuts.
put all the above into a bowl and mix.I haven't given measurement's as I just use what I want to use..
I don't like nuts so I only use a handful.I love raspberry's lollies so I used 2 packs.I tell you it is fail proof.

Melt your chocolate (I used 5 bags of Nestle melts as I made 10 trees and they were quite heavy and big .While your chocolate is melting I made made cone moulds using some cardboard and greaseproof paper which I roll into cone shapes and when you are happy with this sticky tape it to keep its shape.I also used a staple just to make sure it held it's shape.

When the chocolate is melted add it to the  bowl of goodies -mix and spoon into cones.Yes you have to lick your fingers as you want to make sure it is yummy.This step is compulsory..ha ha ha

Put in fridge to set.When set unwrap and melt some white chocolate...Drizzle this on the bottom of tree so it will stick to plate then drizzle on top of top of tree  running it down the sides.Add decorations and a little star on top.I wrap in cellophane and Yippee !!!!!!!!!!The Best Ever Rocky Road Trees are  ready to give out or just for you to eat...

I copied this from an ornament I bought from Domanye. Cut 2 circles from card stock.Use Mod podge and paint a edge around circle sprinkle with glitter.Do the same with a small ball.Attach a letter onto the card and add ribbon.Cute and fast I think....
 My favorite idea.I bought the little bike from Kmart for $2.I choose this to remind me of the LM's toys and bikes.I did this piece in two halves to make it easier.Just paint on Mod Podge and dip into glitter -let dry repeat with other size.Add ribbon and hang..

 I was given these clear balls by a friend and didn't know what to use them for.Until I saw feather balls and fell in love with them but not the price.Easiest craft I have ever mad.Open ball and stick in feather.Close ball and hang.

The Snowmen balls are Kev and the LM's fingerprints and my nephew's and his daughter's finger prints.Yes the date is correct .I am one very slack lady at the moment....
 More balls and balls and balls.I am now sick of balls.Till next year he he he....I also had to make a couple of stockings for ours son's little family.

This is great.It is the Christmas pressie I got for my new Grandson (not born yet )....I love Pumpkin Patch clothes but not the price.I will only buy when the sales are on which lucky for me (I mean Kevin ) have started already so all these were 1/2 price which is a price I like.
Don't you just love the little jeans. They are size new born...Toooooo cute....

Looks like I have a reindeer plague .....but they are for Kev's workmates.So you can see I have been very busy and after Christmas I can have a rest..NO!!!! after Christmas I am going to paint my house,,
 All my little daycare noses for the kids are done and ready to be given out...

My agapanthus are putting on a beautiful show this year.

Can you believe 10 more weeks to go till I get to cuddle and kiss my little boy....

Love and resting ha ha ha


  1. Merry Christmas Looks like a big year ahead for you too.

  2. Everything looks wonderful & yes you have been very busy.


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