Saturday, October 26, 2013

60 Days till Christmas...

HO HO HO.....

Can you believe it 60 Days till Christmas.....eek!!!!
Are you ready for Christmas?

Have you started your shopping yet?

I have most  of the grandkids presents so that is a big thing not to have to do..

I decided though that now we have 4 grand kids that I am going to cut down on what I buy for our kids. They are all grown up now so I don't have to buy as much as I usually do...sorry kids..Also I am going to do the same with some of  the nieces and newphews this might sound mean but I am sick and tired of wreaking my brain to get something special for each child and then the LM gets nothing from them.I would rather spend that money on the LM or some where else.I am tired of not being appricated....mmmm  got it off my chest and feet better Ho Ho Ho

I have ordered some beautiful Pottery stars for a new heirloom tree and I have bought a few presents.

Got a great deal on Santa letters so I got Aidan and Jaxon one.

We have to decide where we are going to be yet not sure if down here or up at mums ...

Oh and we bought the LM a camera for Christmas ..

So I have made a wee start I think I am going to make my present and my to do list this weekend its getting too close too fast...


  1. You are well ahead of the game, my friend! Can't believe Christmas is coming so soon! XO

  2. Haven't started. Xmas has come on too fast this year.


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