Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint....

I am so excited more Happy  Happy Mail today I received my order for Miss Mustard Seed.s Milkpaint..

I have been putting off getting it for a while but I bit the bullet and ordered two colours..

Hope I made the right choice..ha ha

I got Lucketts green for a sideboard I have .....I really want to keep this sideboard as it will look so good in my dinning room  but Kev said "NO" I bought it to sell not to keep  (Boo Hoo ) but who knows maybe he will change his mind ha ha

Also I got Mustard Seed yellow don't know what I am going to paint with it yet but I LOVEEEEE the colour....

I got the bonding agent because some people say yes use it others don't bother so I guess it is just going to be trial and error with this one...

Oh we got a chuckle when the paint arrived from USA as it had a letter attached to it from the Australian Customs Department.They opened it in Australia .Well I suppose when they did an xray of the parcel and it is white powder.he he he   We thought it was so funny and a couple of nights before we were watching a show on Airports and they showed how they xray all parcels coming in to Australia for drugs and then this happened....

Well I cant wait to use them but I have a few other things to do first plus two big candle orders so the paint will have to wait....So I now have plenty of time to think about what can be painted yellow mmmm now what will it be..a dresser or maybe another sideboard and to try and con Kevin into letting me keep the sideboard Fingers crossed there and maybe toes as well Kev is pretty stubborn sometimes......


  1. You are going to have some fun. Happy painting.

  2. You are paint crazy & I LOVE it! I love seeing the colors you pick & love watching you work your magic!! Now if I could just pop in on you & see all your creations in person! Now THAT would be fun!

  3. I love the colors. what are you going to paint?


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