Monday, May 26, 2014

Goodbye 50 hello 51

I cant believe its my Birthday again.....Its seem like it was only last year that I turned 50 Wait a minute it was last year ha ha ha

So I am now 51 years old....I am suppose to be mature as I am settling into the second part of my life.
I should be calm and just cruising along .

Am I ?

No ....

Have I learnt anything like the secret of life ?


The only thing I have learnt is some  people are not what they portray themselves to be. They are all show ... so don't put so much faith into people that way you wont get hurt...Maybe I too am a bit like this if I am I will strive to change it....

Last year I didn't have a bucket list ,this year I do ...

Nothing worth sharing as it is mostly to do with me and things I need to do for me to better myself....

So this year is going to be the year of Dee .....

We will see how long that will last for..

Happy Birthday to me....


  1. Hip hip hooray, it's your 51st Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day my dear friend xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. xxx I can't believe that you are now over the half century. Makes me feel alot older.

  3. A very very Happy Birthday to you lovely Dee. How are you surviving all the celebrations lol xx


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