Thursday, June 5, 2014

Old Church renovation...

When I first saw this church birdhouse  I fell in love with it straight away but after years of it  sitting in the sun and rain it really needed some attention...

                                            Poor little church it 's roof has seen better days....

The front ain't much better either ha ha
So out came Annie Sloan's chalk paint in pure white.I poured some into a container as I wanted to add water to it and paint it on not as a wash but almost a wash just a tiny bit thicker
I did  this because I wasn't going to be sanding it all and getting the timber smooth I liked the weathered look but just not that much.I thought it I gave it a couple of light coats with the watered down mix you would still see the timber cracks through the paint.
It worked...


After.......and did you notice we even painted the bench seat...

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