Thursday, June 26, 2014

What are you reading now...

Are you reading anything at present?

I haven't read anything for ages so I thought I would go through all the books I have and pick out one and start reading.

Plus I thought I would be a good role model for the LM....

I know it looks like a children's book......

I know it was written by a children's author....

But who says Harry Potter is only for kids ...I have all the books and the DVDs and here's where it gets weird I even have a little Harry Potter figurine.

Well doesn't every one?

So I am about to start reading  this. I didn't pick it out because it was the most interesting out of all the books in my pile I am reading it because it is the littlest and I can read it fast and get it off my list of too dos ha ha

Happy reading....

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  1. I love reading and try and read every night. I keep telling myself I am not buying any more books until I read all those I have, yeah right ! bit like scrapbooking stash. I just read the Book Thief which I loved,and kind of miss it now I am finished. I am now reading a Maeve Binchy one " Chestnut Ave " something a bit lighter and nearly finished it. Not sure what I will read next


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