Monday, June 2, 2014

50th Birthday Party

My wonderful husband turned 50 earlier this month ...We weren't going to have a party but we did and boy did it turn out great....

Here are some pictures of the party hope you like them....

Great looking setting .A big thanks to Alan and Lisa for helping out here I really appreciate it....Great food  and did I say great food,great friends all equals one happy 50 year old husband....

Blowing out the candles is always fun especially when little kids are helping.Here LM and his cousin Trey help Kev while Jaxon looks cute...
I just couldn't help my self the cake jumped out of my hand into Kevin's face and squished it in...Lucky I have a fun husband who didn't mind or else he was too drunk to care either way I love him....

So Happy Birthday Kevin hope you had a great night it was wonderful to help you celebrate this night together with our friends and family....


  1. Hi Dee,
    Happy Birthday to your hubby. Yum all the food looks great. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

    1. Hi Kris
      We had a great party too much food too much beer too much fun .....but the worst part is the cleaning up the next day isn't it-Hope you are well -love dee x


  2. Happy 50th Birthday Kevin. By the photos it looks like everyone had a great time .♥♥♥


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