Thursday, June 5, 2014

The best ever party dip..

This best ever dip was a last minute inclusion for Kevin's party.I would like to take credit for it but I got the idea from Carolyn over at Desire Empire  for some reason my computer wont let me link up to her site ..

Anyway I saw this recipe and thought yeah I like bits of each and I have some of the ingredients so I decided to use Carolyn recipe as a jumping off piece.

                         Best ever party dip
                                                    You will need the following...

1 can of mixed beans
2 avocado's
shredded cheese
1 jar of salsa I used mild.
sour cream
Sounds easy so far doesn't it....

I used a pie plate for this (mainly because I couldn't find another dish ha ha ) empty your can of beans into your dish...

Get your avocado and put it in a small bowl mush it all up the spoon over the beans.Sprinkle some shredded cheese on top...

Then empty the jar of salsa on top, add dollops of sour cream to the top then sprinkle more cheese on top.   Serve with corn chips...

I tell you this dip went really fast and was well liked I am going to make this one again and again and probably again ha ha


  1. oooh glad to be your inspiration Dee. It's nice to know someone is reading my blog and enjoying it. Hope you are well.


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