Thursday, October 30, 2014

Miss Lilly

Miss Lilly has become such an important part of our lives I cant remember her not being here...

She has been through a lot in her first 12months.

She has had two big operations on her legs and been desexed....

Yet she is still the lovable laid back fur ball we love...

The LM and her have a beautiful bond and she just loves him....

I love the way he talks to her calling her baby or honey  he is such an affectionate little guy...

After her last operation we had her clipped as her fur was all different lengths and she looked a mess...

But now with a bow in her fur she could go out partying...

Love you Miss Lilly you complete our family....


  1. Dee,
    What a sweet face your sweet Lilly has. Too cute. Love the bow.

  2. Oh she's beautiful Dee !
    Reminds me of Soda -
    I received my first calendar for the new year - from beautiful Australia - thanks SO much Dee
    What a thoughtful thing to do - it's so very appreciated!
    Hope all is well in your world
    Much love,

    1. That is such a lovely compliment as Soda is beautiful...Glad she is ok-love dee x


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