Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone thanks for reading and supporting my little blog.
I love doing it and love the emails I
receive and the comments I get so I hope you all  get lots of chocolate Easter Eggs today and then pig out on them -Forget the calories.

Just remember to eat as many eggs as you can but just have a diet coke to even it out.ha ha

I bought this wonderful carrot holder  for the Easter Bunny's Carrot.

LM said the bunny didn't eat all the carrot because he wanted Easter eggs .I think it is because  I forgot to "eat" the carrot .Oh well  cute holder and in the end the LM loved it.

Look where the Bunny put these eggs ...

Benny the Bug Easter basket was filling up with eggs.

Worn out.
Too much fun and chocolate...

Benny with some of his haul.

Tonight Kev's parents and sister and brother in law all came for dinner and even Kerry came so we just had a wonderful dinner at our house of cooked pork baked dinner.
And I was one very happy lady

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  1. So many Easter eggs, it's just as well that Kevin & Nana love chocolate.
    Aidan must have had so much fun to be so tired as to fall asleep on the mat.
    Happy Easter to everyone
    Love Mum & John xxx


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